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Product Comparison

Engine Air Precleaner

Features Series 9000® OPTIMAX®
Single-Stage Precleaning
Dual-Stage Precleaning
Routine maintenance free
Requires exhaust scavenger connection
Installation kits/parts available
Heavy debris screen available
Agricultural screen available
Works on heavy debris, mixed debris and snow
Designed for extreme heavy-debris fields
High-altitude operation

Powered Precleaner

Features RESPA®-SD RESPA®-SDX Gideon®Technology Powered HVAC Fresh Air Filtration System (replaced by RESPA-SD) Gideon®PPC
Powered Precleaner
Designed for cab HVAC systems
Pressurizes properly sealed cab
Includes Integrated Filtration
Integration into other applications
MERV 8 filter option (European P1)
MERV 16 filter option (European P2)
HEPA filter option (European P3)
Lower cost, high-tech filters
Lighter weight
Same mounting bolt pattern
High-heat (such as slag operations)
Metal filter housing, engineered polymer precleaner housing
Monolithic engineered polymer housing
Cab Pressure Monitor system available
Fresh Air precleaning and filtration
Recirculation Air filtration
Installation kits/parts available

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