Polar CF2 Heated Pressurizer

Featuring SY-KLONE’s CF2 Ejective Filtration.
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Product Description

Polar CF2 Heated Pressurizer Featuring: SY-KLONE’s CF2 Ejective Filtration. Keeps your operators safe & comfortable.

Powered Precleaner REMOVES 90+% of dust and ejects it out of the housing BEFORE it reaches the Hi-Efficiency filter.

Fresh, clean, heated air is delivered to the cab in a positive air-flow.

The pressurized cab keeps dust out!


  • Versatile Input 100 – 240 Vac
  • Thermostat Control
  • 2kW Heating @ 100-120Vac
  • 4kW Heating @ 200-240Vac
  • Brushless CF2 Motor
Available with options to handle your needs:
  • MERV 16 / F9 Self-Cleaning Media
  • HEPA H-13 (0.3 micron) 99.95% Filtration
  • Odor Filtration & HEPA H-13
  • ABEK1 P3 Gas Filtration & HEPA H-13
Meets OH&S and OSHA Requirements!
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