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Series 9000 Models

Dimensions, Airflow, & Hood Clearance


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is essential that you select the correct model based on CFM (m3/m) requirements, not air inlet size (A). For assistance with selecting the correct model for your equipment, see our online Series 9000 Sizing Wizard. If you cannot determine the correct precleaner from this matrix, please contact our technical support department for assistance

You must allow adequate clearance between the hood and the base of the precleaner for it to function properly. There are extension pipes and other adaptation parts available to increase clearance when necessary. Contact your Dealer or Sy-Klone for details.

The sizing matrix has been recently updated, and it applies to electronically and non electronically controlled engines. Efforts have been made to take into consideration the more restrictive components found on current air intake systems. Precleaner sizing recommendations balance initial restriction requirements with precleaning efficiency to provide the longest filter life and best engine performance. Recent additions to the Series 9000 product line allows for precision in the sizing of precleaners that was previously not possible. This matrix replaces all previous sizing matracies.