Sy-Klone Series 9000 Product 9001

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9000 Series: 9001 4-inch

Sy-Klone Single Stage Precleaner

for 100 to 275 CFM (2.83 to 7.79 m3m)


Product Description

Single-stage precleaner with clamp for airflows from 100 to 275 CFM (2.83 to 7.79 m3m). Fits 4 inch inlet; adaptation parts are available for other inlet sizes.

Order according to airflow requirements. Please check the Series 9000 Sizing Wizard to confirm that you are ordering the correct model precleaner, as precleaner size is determined by airflow requirements, not your machine’s air inlet size. The Sizing Wizard will also specify whether or not your machine will need an installation kit.

Make sure you allow miniumum hood clearance between the base of the precleaner and the hood to ensure proper operation. In general, this should be equal to the precleaner outlet size. For example, a 4-inch precleaner should have at least four inches of clearance between the hood and the base of the precleaner, a 6-inch precleaner should have at least six inches of clearance.

Model Dimensions in inches or millimeters (ID=inner diameter) Airflow: CFM or m3/m Weight Min Hood Clearance
A B C D E D+E Min Max lb or kg inches or mm
inches 4.031 ID 8.507 2.6 0.9 5.8 6.3 100 275 CFM 2.6lb 4.0
mm 102.38 ID 216.1 66.1 22 146.5 159.7 2.83 7.79 m3/m 1.179kg 101.6