Sy-Klone Optimax Precleaner Product 9502-004

Protect operator health Increase operator comfort and productivity Decrease operational cost

Optimax 9502-004

Sy-Klone Dual Stage Precleaner 9002

Bottom Flange – for 500 to 650 CFM (14.16 to 18.41 m3/m)


Product Description

Sy-Klone Part Number: 9502-004

Your machine or engine must have a functional exhaust scavenger connection already incorporated or retrofitted to the muffler/silencer. If the exhaust system on your machine does not have a scavenger port, we recommend the Series 9000 Single-Stage Precleaner.

This assembly is designed to be mounted on the hood. The connection to the filter housing is normally made with a 6-inch diameter hump hose or suitable soft connection. Additional parts or adaptation (sold separately) may be required due to variations in filter housing orientation or inlet size.